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Arcserve 3-2-1-1 Ransomware Bundle
Fight the good fight against ransomware with this powerful 1-2 punch.

Arcserve 3211 promotion

Double down on ransomware - increase your data resilience by adding immutable storage to the mix. Purchase Arcserve Appliance 9000 and receive OneXafe immutable storage for free!

Promotion Details

Data is expected to grow to 200 ZB by the end of 2025. More data to manage, more data to protect. IDC recommends a 3-2-1-1 best practice as a mid-market data protection strategy. The addition of the new “1” is a copy of the data on immutable storage.

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Embrace 3-2-1-1 with our powerful ransomware bundle:

Appliance 9000

  • Best in class all-in-one data protection solution
  • Simple backup and recovery process – power on, configure backups, connect to a network and start protecting
  • Bundled with our UDP software solution and integrated with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server
  • Includes orchestrated recovery and the ability to run virtual machines right from the appliance

Arcserve 9000 Series Appliance

OneXafe 4400 :

  • Differentiated scale-out storage solution with distributed object-based file system
  • Help customers achieve cost efficiency with powerful data reduction features
  • Bring the last line of defense to ransomware, protect the backups with immutable snapshots

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As the world’s most experienced provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, for 35 years we’ve been solving the challenges of IT teams by bringing innovation, ambition, and countless hours of iteration to the solutions they rely on to keep businesses running smoothly. In the process, we’ve redefined the way companies protect their data – the very foundation of modern business in an era where immediate and continuous access to critical systems and applications is key to business continuity and essential to continuing growth and success.

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